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How to check

How to check

dietary supplement certificate?

03/22/2019, Mark Van

How to check the registration certificate of dietary supplement?

Any dietary supplement officially imported into the Russian Federation and allowed for sale must have a certificate of state registration (registration certificate). Before obtaining such a certificate, the applicant submits a sample of a dietary supplement to the Research Institute of Nutrition to analyze the composition, the presence of the claimed ingredients and the absence of harmful impurities, the purpose of the application, the label compliance. If the dietary supplement successfully passes all the necessary tests, it receives a certificate of state registration confirming its safety, allowing its sale in Russia. But how can we know and check it?

Some sellers post registration certificates on their sites, most do not, and are reluctant to provide them remotely. And if you're lucky, you will be able to get a copy, sometimes a black and white scan of poor quality. Lets take, as an illustration for this article, Pycnogenol-Extra by American company Irwin Naturals, imported into Russia LLC Cobra International Pharm. We received an electronic copy of the certificate of state registration of this supplement. Here's what it looks like:

We have allocated a number of certificates in red.

But was it really necessary to get a copy of Regud? In general, no. On each package of dietary supplements that you plan to purchase, this registration certificate number must be indicated. Let's look closely at the bank of Pycnogenol-Extra and find this number:

Here it is highlighted in red: RU.

We see that the numbers on the can and registration certificate are the same. But we are meticulous customers who care about their health. We still doubt. How to check the number of the state registration certificate of dietary supplements and get additional information about the supplement?

Go to the site containing information from the register of certificates of state registration and enter this number in the field for verification, click "Search":

The register of certificates of state registration gives a brief information about dietary supplements:

Click on any place of the appeared table, and detailed information opens where we can check the manufacturer and supplier of dietary supplements, product application, shelf life, recommendations for use, duration of administration, contraindications, hygienic characteristics, the content of harmful impurities and toxic elements, the actual ingredients of dietary supplement, research reports of the Research Institute of Nutrition and other useful information:

We conclude that the dietary supplement Pycnogenol-Extra Irwin Naturals, imported by Cobra International Pharm LLC, passed all the necessary tests of the Research Institute of Nutrition, was imported officially in compliance with all the necessary customs procedures, allowed for sale in Russia, the manufacturer and composition are as stated on the label. Well, OK, order it is.

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