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Mark Van, 11/23/2018

Having read “Lysulin and Diabetes” article on, I was about to turn off the laptop and go to sleep, when suddenly something clicked in my head: “Zhenya, it seems to me that this has already happened”.

According to the Lysulin, Inc. its dietary supplement Lysulin is the first patented dietary supplement specially manufactured to help people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, regulates blood glucose levels. Let us trust the mentioned studies and assume that Lysulin is really effective in the fight against diabetes. Only the phrase "the first dietary supplement" and the ingredients of the "patented formula" are a little bit embarassing. Let's take a closer look at the ingredients of Lysulin. These are: amino acid lysine, zinc and vitamin C. Doesn't it remind anything?

Well, of course! This is very close to ingredients of Lysivit - C Irwin Naturals sold in Russia for more than 10 years.

At the beginning of Lysivit - C sales in Russia, several articles about it in newspapers and in the Internet appeared, such as:

“Lysivit - C. Myths and Reality” with statements like:
"... in general, ideas about lysine, as a "magic" tool that can stop the development of atherosclerosis, are doubtful..."
"... vitamin C is not involved in processes connected with the growth of atherosclerotic plaques..."
"The dietary supplement, unfortunately, is not designed to cure atherosclerosis and dissolve atherosclerotic plaques..."
and similar.

And although M. Stepanov, the author of this article, wrote the name of the founder of this dietary supplement manufacturer - “Irwin Naturals” – incorrectly, calling it “Irvin Naturals”, he reluctantly admitted:
"Lysivit - C can be used as a source of vitamin C and other herbal elements that improve blood circulation."
"...the idea of ​​such complex is not bad."
"... as an adjuvant, Lysivit – C has a tonic, adaptive, antioxidant and stimulating effect and can be used in addition to the basic therapy."

There was another article in the New Gazette "Caution! Commercial dose!”.

The author of the article also began with an error, epically sarcastic calling Lysivit – C “the best medicine from sclerosis of all times". Though Lysivit – C was always supposed as a medicine to help people with atherosclerosis. The main claims in the article, however, are aimed at the advertising of dietary supplements itself. But why Lysivit – C Irwin Naturals is mentioned in this connection is a mystery.

Doctor of Chemical Sciences Boris Gottikh, with whom the conversation was held, in common, did not give any negative assessments of Lysivit – C.

“The evaluation of the advertised product is a delicate question. I have no special reason to praise him avidly, although in certain doses Lysivit – C is certainly not harmful. There is no reason to scold it either, because this requires objective, rather than commercial, medical indications,” he said. - “In Lysivit – C vitamin C is combined with lysine, which, in any case, is not harmful. Lysine is one of the natural amino acids that our body gets with food".

I myself have been taking Linus Pauling Lysivit – C Irwin Naturals for more than five years. I have not experienced any negative reactions of my body during this time. I take it, first of all, to get the necessary dose of Vitamin C, which is almost impossible to get in our busy time, especially in winter. As a bonus I get, even if not 100% proven prevention of atherosclerosis, a complex of citrus bioflavonoids, some coenzyme Q10, ginkgo biloba and grape seed extract (as part of the Life Extension Complex). And now, after many years, it turns out that it is able to help people with diabetes. Not really Lysivit – C, but Lysulin. But after all their ingredients are almost identical.

Let's consider the characteristics of these two dietary supplements in more detail:


Lysivit - C


pills quantity




29$ in Russia (1900 roubles)

23$ in the USA (1500 roubles)

Ingredients quantity



ingredients (mg):




vitamin C






citrus bioflavonoids



coenzyme Q10



ginkgo biloba



grape seed extract



Hawaiian Spirulina



garlic extract




Conclusions: the price is almost the same, taking into account the additional costs of transportation and other fees. The number of ingredients of Lysivit – C is greater. Lysivit – C’s drawback is the zinc absence. But this problem is easy to solve.

I called Irwin Naturals representative in Russia as a new buyer interested in Lysivit – C.

- Could you, please, tell me why should I take Lysivit – C?

- The main purpose of Lysivit – C is to prevent the cholesterol plaques formation and growth. This reduces the risk of atherosclerosis related diseases - ischemic heart disease, hypertension, heart failure.

- What are the ingredients of Lysivit – C?

- The main ones are lysine and vitamin C.

Lysine is necessary for normal tissue growth and repair, it is involved in the formation of collagen. For example it is used during the recovery period after surgery and sports injuries. Lysine also has an effective antiviral effect on herpes, hepatitis, and acute respiratory infections, which makes it indispensable for immunodeficiency.

The benefits of vitamin C are well known: it strengthens the immune system, is an antioxidant that counteracts aging, protecting the body from damage by free radicals, plays a major role in the formation of collagen, which makes blood vessels elastic.

Additionally, Lysivit – C includes two special complexes: a complex of citrus bioflavonoids, which neutralizes free radicals, inhibits inflammatory processes and increases antioxidant activity, and the Life Extension Complex, which includes coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, garlic extract and Hawaiian Spirulina.

- Have you ever received complaints or negative reviews about Lysivit – C?

- For more than 10 years of sales in Russia, we have not heard a single negative comment about Lysivit – C. It almost has no warnings, except the individual intolerance to the components, in particular, substantial doses of vitamin C. Each pill contains 500 mg of this vitamin. There were cases when people with a weak stomach or individual intolerance could not even take this 0.5 g of vitamin C per day. There were no other negative results for the body after taking Lysivit – C. At the same time there is a lot of positive feedback from people who have been taking it constantly for many years. Someone stops suffering from catching colds, someone has cholesterol level lowed, someone improves the condition of blood vessels.

- So, Lysivit – C is usually bought to resist atherosclerosis, increase immunity and prevent catching colds? Have you heard about Lysulin, which has a similar ingredients and is supposed as the first dietary supplement to help people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes?

- Yes, we have, we are following the dietary supplement market news, especially that of the USA. The ingredients of these products are really similar. But there are differences still. The manufacturer (Lysulin Inc.) on its website does not disclose the milligrams quantity of each ingredient of their patented formula. But we suppose that these are not much more than 500 mg of lysine and 500 mg of vitamin C as in Lysivit – C, and maybe are even inferior to it. At a comparable price, the number of Lysivit – C Irwin Naturals ingredients is greater due to the two complexes mentioned above. And it is already for sale in Russia, registered and officially. The Lysulin price, in its turn, is for the USA. This dietary supplement is still to be found and shipped, and it will certainly increase its price.

The only difference between Lysivit – C and Lysulin: the latter contains zinc. If you trust the research and information mentioned in the article about Lysulin, and decide to take Lysivit – C to resist diabetes, you can simply add any zinc dietary supplement to your Lysivit – C pill. As an example, we have Linus Pauling Multivitamin for sale, which includes zinc and all other vitamins and minerals necessary for your body. Or you can purchase any other zinc dietary supplement.

- Lysivit – C is not sold by Irwin Naturals in the USA, why is that?

- We do not determine the policy for the production and distribution of Irwin Naturals products. But there always were and are dietary supplements that have been made specifically for Russia. For example, we had Cats Claw supplement for sale earlier, or Lysivit – C now. Sometimes we even have to change the ingredients of dietary supplement to register and get permission to import it into Russia because of the law differences in our countries. Sometimes the ingredient is considered a dietary supplement in the USA, and in Russia it is considered being a medicine. But in any case, one thing remains unchanged: the place of manufacturing is always the USA and the well-known quality of American dietary supplements, which are considered being the best in the world.

- Will you now advise Lysivit – C to people with diabetes?

- It's hard to say just now. We have always supposed Lysivit – C as a remedy against atherosclerosis and flu. If it also helps people with diabetes, we will be glad. We are likely to mention this new Lysivit – C opportunity, with the note about the difference between Lysivit – C and Lysulin. In any case, you should make your choice after consulting you doctor. You can always try Lysivit – C, evaluate it and make your own conclusions. At least, there will be no harm.

Well, the choice is really after your, ladies and gentlemen. I have already done mine. One Lysivit – C. Pack it up, please.

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