About BADEx.su

Marketplace BADEx.su is the Russian discounter in the dietary supplements market. Manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of vitamins, dietary supplements and other health products are posting offers of their products on the BADEx.su website. The BADEx is designed to connect the customer with the manufacturer or supplier of the necessarydietary supplement.

BADEx team looks for various variants of the dietary supplements presented in the Russian market, compares them with each other, finds out the most reasonable prices and the most suitable way of shipping. We just transfer your order to the supplier or dealer, and it carries it out.

Everything that is presented on the website is delivered to you directly by suppliers and their official dealers, indicated on the main page of BADEx.su. If you are satisfied with the purchase in the company from this list, you can safely order on the site: when ordering on BADEx.su you actually buy in these companies. We are only informational intermediaries between you.

The general principles of our work are:

if the status of the dietary supplements on the site is "In stock", then after ordering it on BADEx.su your order is sent directly to the supplier, representative of this brand in Russia or it’s dealer, who in turn processes the order and delivers it. The final price is fixed in the Cart while placing an order on BADEx.su (or in dialogue with our managers, if the order is made through quick order forms, order in one click, online-chat or by any other communication channels);

if the dietary supplements is presented on BADEx.su with the status "On demand", then its search and delivery is possible, but usually takes more time. About approximate date of delivery you will be notified additionally. The price of such dietary supplements is also fixed at the time of placing the order and remains unchanged;

if the status of the dietary supplements on BADEx.su is "Out of stock", then its price is either indicative, shown for the possibility of comparing this dietary supplements with the others, the cost of their main ingredients, or this is the price of this dietary supplements from the last order, made on BADEx.su. Such dietary supplement, unfortunately, can’t be ordered on BADEx.su. Sometimes we just do not know where it can be purchased, sometimes it is not available at current time in Russia. We ask you to share information about the places of purchase and the prices of such supplements in our forum. If we know where it can be purchased, then on the product page, next to the sign "Out of stock", usually there is a button "Where to buy?" with a link to one of the possible options for buying this dietary supplements, which you can use yourself.

You also may use our free option "Find the dietary supplements". You can send us via any way a photo of the product you need and describe it with as much details as possible. Within some time we will try to find out where this dietary supplement can be purchased and at what price, and will contact you to clarify the details of the delivery.

We invite you to visit our Forum, where you can communicate, exchange experiences, opinions and knowledge about the spots of the most discounted purchases of dietary supplements in Russia and other countries.

Our purpose is popularization of dietary supplements in Russia, the culture of their intake, providing potential buyers with all or up to maximum necessary information about dietary supplements, comparing them, selecting the product you need, and determining the places of the most discounted purchases of the selected dietary supplements at the current time.

Sincerely yours, BADEx.su